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Nov 20, 2020

A fun course to learn about Brain Dominance Profiling Useful for parents, educators, and parents. Cost : $125.00 includes ' The Dominance Factor' manual,notes and morning tea. 9.00 am - 1.00 pm ,

Brain Dominance Profiles

 A quick 4 hour,  introduction to the 34 different profiles described by Dr Carla Hannaford. Learn to understand your own learning style, communication style and stress response.   


Nov 20, 2020

A 1 day workshop to playfully experience the Brain Gym 26 - movements to enhance brain body skills for everyday life. Can be adapted for all age groups

Introduction to Brain Gym

A fun and informative,  workshop to help you learn about how to bring easy movement activities into your daily life to support learning and living. This is an experiential workshop suitable for parents,  educators, therapists etc to utilize easy, intentional movements to reduce stress around learning, moving,   coordination, academic skiils and daily life.  

Sep 27, 2019

A fun day unleashing your whole brain drawing and painting abilities

Double Doodle Play

A fun and informative, one day workshop to activate both sides of your brain  through drawing and painting activities. 

Oct 09, 2019

First step in Educational Kinesiology Training

Brain Gym 101

    This three day course, starting on the 10th of October,  covers the key aspects of learning and behaviour to enhance communications skills, ( expressing, seeing, hearing), participation skill and focus and emotional regulation and personal organization. Kinesiology protocols and balancing sequences are used to teach you how to do this with family, clients, pupils, etc.   Skills such as noticing and goal setting are an integral part of this training. 

This course is a foundation course for  further training in Educational Kinesiology.  

 Manual Included.  It is also part of the training for Movement Facilitation. 

Intro to Brain Gym is a pre requisite for this course. 

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