About Janet


I am a Registered Educational Kinesiologist/Brain Gym® Instructor, NZ Faculty for Educational Kinesiology Foundation ( U . S.) Educator . BTchL., P. Grad Dip. Ed., Dip. T.E.S.S.O.L , Dip. E.H.C, SPELD Trained, Reg. Primary Teacher. Current RTLB part time.

Helping children and adults reach their full potential is my passion. I have continued my interest in the Brain/Body modality of Kinesiology for 30 years while also working in Special Education.
In recent years, I have focused on primitive reflex integration with children and supporting adults through change processes. This complements my current role in education as a RTLB ( Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour) .


I provide support for :
• Developmental issues ( clumsiness, handwriting, primitive reflex integration)
• Dyslexia
• Dyspraxia
• 2x E ( Twice exceptional + gifted children who are  underperforming
• Sensory Processing issues  ( over reactive to sound etc )
• Anxiety and Attachment issues.
• Bed wetting  


Transitional Kinesiology

Educational Development

NZ Faculty for International Educational Kinesiology foundation

Parent Guidance