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“Now I can sit still in class’’.  Sarah, 9 years old
“He has passed his spelling level for the first time in 2 years  and is super proud of himself”.  Becky, Parent North Shore
“ Z is a changed boy since seeing you. He is calmer, less impulsive and able to control his feelings , …. much happier boy, much happier parents”.  Brenda  Parent,  North shore.
 “Brain Gym movements help me coordinate my movements and improve my balance with regular use’’. John aged 60 years ( following a previous stroke).
“We are very pleased with Shane’s development into adulthood since he has been seeing you. He seems much more comfortable in his own skin”.  L .S  Parent of 17-year-old dyspraxic student.  West Auckland.
 “Now Sophie is happy to go to school, I take her bag out and she walks into the class “.  Maria , Parent after a long time of daily  challenges to  separate from her Mum  to go into class.  
 “ Holly is making great  improvement in her writing and confidence at school”. Her affirmation, ‘ I am happy strong and peaceful’, has helped her in some tricky  playground situations and this week she is receiving a class award   - total yayness”!   -  Amy , Parent North Shore.  

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