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Initial Child Assessment


If your child is struggling, and/or is challenged with Developmental Issues, Clumsiness, Handwriting skills, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ASD, Twice exceptional, Sensory Issues, Anxiety and attachment issues, bed wetting

1 hr 30 min

Kinesiology Sessions (child)


1-to-1 session. I combine a number of protocols tailored to meet your childs needs. These include goal-setting, movements.. Plus I draw upon Rhythmic Movement Training, stress release, Touch For Health and a follow up home programme.

1 hr

Adult consultation


1-to-1 consultations for people are stuck, and want to make changes in a balanced way. We work together to clear emotional blocks, make transitions and strengthen you to move forward. Let me help you find your sabotages and go forward with ease.

1 hr 30 min

Advisory Service - for carers


Let's create a pathway of success for your child with a plan to navigate and prioritise services that best suit the age and stage of your child. Each plan combines my knowledge of learning challenges, brain/body development and the education system.

1 hr 15 min

Kinesiology Training

Prices vary

I am one of 3 faculty members for Brain Gym International (Ventura USA). I teach most of the core courses which qualify someone to become and a registered Educational Kinesiologist and/or Brain Gym instructor. I present here and internationally.


Prices vary

Brain Gym Movements for everyday use - Brain Dominance profiling - Bilateral drawing - Movement based learning (role of primitive reflexes Great for teachers, parents, ECE groups, counselors and health professionals.

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