July 6, 2016

Bed wetting (Enuresis) is a big challenge for both children and parents when it persists beyond around 6 years for girls and 7 yrs for boys. Daytime wetting can also cause a lot of issues for  4+ yrs  children at preschool or when they first start school or longer.

 Bed wetting is mostly a developmental issue although there can be other underlying   medical issues which need checking out.  The child may also present with other developmental issues such as clumsiness, poor balance, messy handwriting. 

Emotional issues can also be present particularly for older children or if it is dealt with as the child’s fault or the child is shamed or disappointed that they are not pleasing their parents/ caregivers by being dry.

This is an area that I often work with in my clinic from a neuro

-developmental  and Kinesiology perspective. The issue is often a retained  spinal galant reflex.

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 I came across this inte...

July 6, 2016

 There are many ways to consider the issues around dyslexia   for your child both at school and in their lives.

 Letter and number reversals at 5 and 6 years,  do NOT mean that a child has dyslexia !

More often than not this can reflect a developmental issue, incorrect teaching of handwriting, poor  pencil grips rather than full blown dyslexia.  In fact, you are more likely to notice language processing issues, dislike of reading and writing (may love being read to ) and a certain level of disorganisation with personal items, but well developed verbal skills, ( talk their way out of a paper bag !), great social skills, good coordination and  advanced drawing or construction skills.   

In the early 2000's the Ministry of Education finally recognised “dyslexia” . Since then, teachers, schools and parents have been catching up with what the implications are for supporting “dyslexic “ students in our schools. .  

  THE presenting challenges are always on a co...

June 22, 2016

Case Study  = Jona  4.9 years.  Feb - May 2016

Jona’s Oma (Grandmother) brought Jona to see me following her attendance at an Early Childhood Brain Gym® Movements course.  She was caring for Jona 1 day a week, implementing a pre - school HIPPY programme and music class while his mother was working.   She felt that he was not developmentally ready for school which was planned for 4 months later.  Alison ( name changed)  reported that    Jona was born 6 weeks prematurely, movement milestones were  within normal age but she felt that Jona was clumsy, “top heavy”, overactive at times and was going to have a challenging time at school.   He has had ongoing speech therapy. Other concerns were immature static balance, tactile defensiveness, reluctance to use pencil and paper, and immature emotional control.

In these pictures, Jona is drawing a  robot with 2 hands, and doing 2 Brain Gym® movements, (Cross Crawl and the Hook Ups)  o...

June 14, 2016

Quirky kids are my passion. They have this wonderful creative potential but they often struggle and under-perform educationally. It is most rewarding to see them gain skills and strategies to help them cope and flourish. If a child reports that they got player of the day at soccer ,felt confident giving a speech or their writing or drawing has improved, I know that I have facilitated positive change in that child’s life.
This is usually carried out over a series of sessions and involves parents/caregivers in doing a playful movement programme at home to reinforce the changes.
Here are some of outcomes experienced after a series of sessions.
• Learning can become easier and faster ( eg. Reading, writing, physical coordination) as the underlying physiology around learning becomes more efficient.
• Challenges around Learning and development may reduce.
• Retained primitive reflexive movements are integrated i.e No longer observable. . These can interfere with learning and moving.
• Decrea...

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